Colour. While nearly every human being on this planet knows what it is, it’s still a very abstract idea. For starters, let’s conduct a short thought experiment. Take a second to focus on the colours you see right now. Look at the clothes you are wearing (let’s assume you are not reading this butt naked). Try and describe the colour you see. First thing that probably pops into your mind is the word associated with that colour – in my case this would be grey. Now try and describe that colour without mentioning the word associated with it. How would I describe the colour grey? Well I could say that my t-shirt is the same colour as ashes are. Or perhaps point at something and say that my t-shirt is that colour. But no matter how long you try it’s nearly impossible to describe the colour you see without comparing it to something else or using the word associated to it.

Few days ago I was discussing this with Marais and Sims. This topic was always one of those ‘mind fuck’ topics which I love to think about and discuss with others. But in order for me to present you with my personal ‘theory’ I feel the need to explain briefly what colours really are.

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