Sims: Discussing the existence of, and ideas surrounding, the multiverse.

Discussing the existence of, and ideas surrounding, the multiverse.

This is an abstract idea, but remember: it is just theory – an idea.

It’s probably important to express that I am a believer in the existence of a multiverse, which is comprised of an infinite number of every possible universe that could exist. An essential point to take into account is that, since it is everything, the universe occupies no ‘space’. It is a zero-dimensional point, within which the spacial dimensions we exist in are contained. So it has no size and occupies no space – space is contained within it. Anyway…

If our universe is infinite (which I believe it is), then it must comprise of an infinite amount of stuff. Logically, then, at some point within the universe lies an exact copy of you. Of the Earth, the solar system, the milky way… Everything. If this is the case, then, a repeating pattern MUST occur. Look at pi (see Marais: Pi=Infinity(?)). As far as we know, it is an infinite number. If a pattern were to occur, however, it would no longer be infinite (in terms of data – a finite pattern repeated an infinite number of times). So it must be the same for our universe – a repeated pattern would cause it to no longer be infinite.

By following this trail of thought, then, the universe must be finite (in terms of data). But this would suggest that the universe is constrained by something, which is impossible since the universe is everything (or so we believe). So the universe must be infinite…

As discussed above, if the universe is infinite then eventual repetitions are inevitable, and must exist. And they do, and within our universe – but on different points within Hawking’s ‘imaginary time’ (popularised as the 5th dimension by 10thdim‘s series ‘Imagining the Tenth Dimension’). The 10-dimensional model can explain this:

Take the 4th dimension and imagine it as a straight line stretching from the very beginning to the ultimate end of our universe. Now imagine another 4D line parallel to, but detached from, the original line – another universe. Now imagine a 3rd line, perpendicular to these lines which connects them – this is ‘imaginary time’ (simply a different direction of travel within the 4th dimension).

5th dim

Here’s where my view of the multiverse comes in. To avoid a repeated pattern, an infinite number of copies of our universe must exist, each containing one of these repetitions. Every single copy, or instance, of our universe simultaneously occupy the same ‘space’ within the zero-dimensional point. These copies are completely separate from each other, but are unified into this zero-dimensional collective via imaginary time. This is an expansion on my last post Sims: The universe has neither beginning nor end – a zero and ten-dimensional, infinitely cycling existence.

I hope you’re still with me…

Now to introduce all the different possible universes that can exist within the multiverse. This can range from universes in which baryogenesis never occured (a possibly empty universe), universes which are exactly the same but, for example, where a single blade of grass in a field on the other side of the planet grew at a slightly different angle… And, of course, everything in between.

Take the picture above visualising imaginary time, but instead replace our universe with another: exactly the same idea. To visualise what I’m trying to explain, imagine this other universe and it’s copies on a separate ‘plane’ to that of ours:

6th dim

As an analogy, a cube is created by a series of 2-dimensional planes (comprised of length and width) unified by a link (which we call depth). Imagine each different universe and all of their copies as one plane (consisting of time and imaginary time), which are unified by a link (the equivalent of depth to a 3-dimensional shape) to create the multiverse.

Now I can expand the idea put forward earlier. The multiverse is every possible universe that could exist, has existed and ever will exist; it is entirely infinite. Because it is everything (and a zero-dimensional point), it occupies no ‘space’ – all universes exist in the same ‘space’, but just within different points in imaginary time, and in different points along the ‘line’ that unifies the different universes (see image above). But of course, we can only observe the moment and universe we exist in, so will never observe any other component of the multiverse.

Conclusion (TL:DR): The multiverse consists of an infinite number of different universes, all with an infinite number of respective copies. Since the multiverse is absolutely everything that exists, it occupies no ‘space’ (how can it, if it is everything?). Thus; it is a zero-dimensional point, within which everything exists. Therefore, every universe occupies the same zero-dimensional ‘space’ simultaneously, but we cannot observe them as they are at different points within imaginary time and on different universal ‘planes’.



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