Sims: Free will doesn’t exist – the universe is ‘scripted’.

Free will doesn’t exist – the universe is ‘scripted’.

I like this idea. In a way it relieves me in knowing that everything that happens does so, not for any purpose, but through inevitability. It’s unavoidable, so I should not worry about or regret anything. Of course, I do not use this as an excuse to do whatever I please… I’m straying from the subject so I’ll get back to it. In my last post (Sims: What is ‘time’ – exploring the fourth dimension.), I discussed ideas surrounding the third-dimensional universe and the fourth dimension itself. It would highly recommend reading it first, so as to fully grasp the concepts I want to put forward here.

To begin, look at the idea of time (or the fourth dimension to be scientifically accurate). Imagine it as a line, stretching from the moment of the universe’s conception (the past) all the way to the future, whatever that may be. On this line is a point, the present, constantly moving forward into the future. Now I’m going to keep this short and sweet; when we look back to events in the past, nothing changes. Of course it doesn’t, it just would not make sense if it did. The Allies and Axis can’t have both won the Second World War in two separate scenarios; it doesn’t work. Nothing changes, no matter where in the past we look to, no matter how far back. So surely the same must be true for the future?

Consider this: how can the future have an infinite number of outcomes? People’s ideas regarding time has spawned a corrupted view that the future is metaphysically libertarianist (we decide the future). Time does not exist however – it is simply our measurement of the fourth dimension. To understand what I’m getting at, it is paramount to visualise the fourth dimension similarly to the spacial dimensions below it (first, second and third).

Take the three-dimensional snapshot (Planck frame) idea I discussed in my last post. Imagine, just for this analogy, that we could see all the matter contained within it. Since the three-dimensional universe is static, nothing changes. No matter which direction we travel within this frame, no matter how many times we go back to check on an object within it – it will never change. So surely we can, hypothetically, travel in different directions within the fourth dimension too. And, of course, this is true; backwards to the past (anti-time), forwards to the future (time) and ‘sideways’ (imaginary time).

I hope you’re still with me! So to continue: travelling in one of these directions simply flips through the Planck frames of the three-dimensional flipbook. If these frames exist, how can they change if the universes contained within them are static? They do not change by travelling backward in time, so logically it must be the same for travelling forward.

Subjectively, however, we have free will. We use our brain to make decisions and act accordingly – we consciously determine our future. Despite this, it is delusional to think this is the case objectively. The three-dimensional Planck frames contain everything in the universe, including us. It therefore makes sense that our futures, as individuals, were pre-determined at the birth of the universe. This means that all of our thoughts, decisions and actions, although apparently of our own conception (and thus unaware to us), were already determined.

Conclusion (TL:DR): The four-dimensional universe is similar to the three-dimensional universe. Within a three-dimensional Planck frame, nothing changes, no matter which direction you hypothetically travel in, irregardless of how many times you go back to ‘check up’ on it. Since the fourth dimension is a way of flipping through the three-dimensional flipbook of Planck frames, the future must only have one outcome, similarly to how to there is only one ‘past’ (it doesn’t change).


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