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Does God exist?

I was initially very unsure as to whether I should post this or not. I also know I’m going to get very mixed responses but hey… This discussion will be principally on the acceptance and understanding of different beliefs, I cannot stress that enough as it is something I am passionate about. I see such closed-minded individuals, both theist and atheist, preaching their ideas as if it’s solid truth, often with irrational hostility. None of it is solid truth; there is no right answer. I think the most suitable way to approach this is to ask, in essence, why we are here, and explain them from both points of view:

NB: This discussion has no influence from religious institutions, i.e. the Catholic Church. I am against some religious institutions and their ideas, so will not include any. As you read this, then, please discount these theologies – this is purely reason/faith based. Exclude easily destroyed theories such as Creationism – I do apologise, I mean no offence by it. At the end of the day, that’s just my belief.

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Nothing is ‘real’ – nothing exists.

Personally, I can’t get enough of this idea – the idea that nothing in this universe, or the universe itself, exists. We’ve all heard the concept of our lives being a dream, or we are AI in a game similar to The Sims, in a coma etc. What I am about to discuss, though, for me, makes perfectly logical sense – I guess it depends on your philosophical twist, also:

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Discussing the existence of, and ideas surrounding, the multiverse.

This is an abstract idea, but remember: it is just theory – an idea.

It’s probably important to express that I am a believer in the existence of a multiverse, which is comprised of an infinite number of every possible universe that could exist. An essential point to take into account is that, since it is everything, the universe occupies no ‘space’. It is a zero-dimensional point, within which the spacial dimensions we exist in are contained. So it has no size and occupies no space – space is contained within it. Anyway…

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The universe has neither beginning nor end – a zero and ten-dimensional, infinitely cycling existence.

Apologies in advance if I begin to waffle – transcribing my thoughts into a post has proved incredibly difficult. To start, reading my posts Sims: What is ‘time’ – exploring the fourth dimension and Sims: Free will doesn’t exist – the universe is ‘scripted’ will prove extremely helpful in understanding this idea, so I plead you to do so before continuing.

Anyway, this is an original idea of mine, and is something that wreaks absolute havoc on my mind. I really hope you will enjoy it. You must completely disregard the idea of time in order to visualise this; because our minds are so fixated on the universe unfolding via ‘time’, it will be very difficult to achieve this visualisation without doing so. Remember: TIME DOES NOT EXIST.

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